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The purpose of PaintOnSurface is to provide a fast and easy way to create any arbitrary object on the surface of other objects. Workflow is similar to painting with a brush. You can literally paint objects on others.

As of version 1.5, PaintOnSurface includes the new PolyPaint-Tool that lets you quickly and easily create and tweak polygons onto the surface of other objects.

Please see the feature videos on the right to get an impression of what can be done. Also please check the manual for requirements and restrictions of the plugin.

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Update From v1.21 for existing Customers:

If you own PaintOnSurface v1.21, you can get the current version including the new PolyPaint-Tool for 10€. To get the update insert your old PaintOnSurface serial into the text field below please and click the payment button.

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Request new plugin-serial for new Cinema version

If you need a new Plugin-serial because you upgraded for example from Cinema4D R14 to R15, write an email to support [at] with the first 11 digits of your new Cinema4D *base* serial and your customer-id or the email-address that you originally bought the Plugin with..




New since v1.6

New since v1.5

Feature videos *

* might be out of date


Win 32Bit: C4D R9.6 or better
Mac 32Bit: C4D R9.6 or better
Win 64Bit: C4D R10.0 or better
Mac 64Bit: C4D R11 or better

Demo Mode

You can test the plugin in Demo-Mode if you download it from the link above, and use it with a demo-version of Cinema4D. The plugin will be fully functional, but saving of your scenes is disabled.

Order Info

To successfully complete the order, you have to enter the first 11 digits of your basic Cinema4D serial number (the first one, not the one from an update!).

It is needed to generate a valid key to register the Plugin. Once the payment is complete, you will recieve an email within 48 hours with a serial number, that you can use to unlock the plugin within Cinema4D.