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Window Generator & PlacementTool

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* outdated v1 Trailer, current Plugin version is 1.6

The Window Generator and Placement Tool is a plugin to dramatically speed up the creation and placement of windows for achitectural visualisations within Cinema4D. It features an intuitive and fast way to position and scale windows in your scenes, and features many settings to adjust the look of your windows. Placing windows in your scenes becomes a matter of seconds, and with the multitude of settings and the flexible detail system, you are able to create a wide variety of different window styles. It also features it's own PresetBrowser that comes with a variety of stock presets and detail objects, and which will allow you to save and re-use your own window creations.

Please see the v1.0 Trailer and the preview videos on the right, to get an impression of the main features, or see the manual for a complete overview of possibilities.

New major features since version 1.0:

  - Hinges!
  - additional vertical Divider (up to 3 vertical dividers possible now)
  - Support for Circle and segmental-Arch windows
  - new guide system for PlacementTool
  - advanced profile spline options (overlap of high-detail profiles)
  - added global scale factor for fast tweaking of all window values at once
  - and much much more..

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Detail Object-Library

Furthermore DNS-Plugins offers additional Model-Packs that can be used together with the WindowGenerator or by themselves (click image for info):





new v1.6 Features *

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Win 32Bit: C4D R9.6 or better
Mac 32Bit: C4D R9.6 or better
Win 64Bit: C4D R10.0 or better
Mac 64Bit: C4D R11 or better

Demo Mode

You can test the plugin in Demo-Mode if you download it from the link above, and use it with a demo-version of Cinema4D.The plugin will be fully functional, but saving of your scenes is disabled.

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